Propane Gas Detectors

Friday, April 7, 2017

One of the least known safety devices associated with the use of propane gas is a propane gas detector. A propane gas detector works similarly to a smoke detector. A gas detector will detect the presence of escaped gas and will send an alarm loud enough to alert those inside a home to evacuate. The propane gas industry for years has promoted the notion that if there is a gas leak in a home the occupants will be immediately warned by the odor of gas. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

Propane gas while very useful it also has very dangerous characteristics. In its natural state it is invisible, colorless, odorless, tasteless and heavier than air. That is why a chemical odorant is added to the propane.

Propane is at least twice as explosive as natural gas, and burns twice as hot. A person who uses propane in his/her home is five to ten times more likely to be involved in a propane explosion than natural gas explosion.

There are physical reasons why the odor warning is defective. Odor will not awaken a sleeping person. Furthermore, because of its heavy weight, it accumulates in basements. You won’t smell it because the gas must actually come into contact with your nose in order to be warned. The chemical odor also can fade or wear off.

Serviceman gas detectors have been used for many years by the propane gas industry for the protection of gas employees. These are highly reliable instruments and work on the same principle as residential gas detectors. You deserve to be protected as well.

The only reliable way to warn a person is to install one or more gas detectors. You should ask your gas delivery man to provide you with a gas detector. Alternatively they can be purchased for any reasonable sum at any hardware store.