Below is a chart of the sentencing options based on offense of your alleged crime.  If charged with multiple offenses the times can either run at the same time (concurrent) or back-to-back (consecutive).  So if you have two A-misdemeanors for example, you might end up with 1 year or it could be 2, depending on the situation.  Courts typically will run things consecutively if there are multiple victims or other aggravating factors that warrant additional punishment.  The advisory sentence for felony crimes is supposed to work as a starting point.  If you receive more or less than that amount the judge that sentences you must have a good reason.

Judges will look at aggravating circumstances and mitigating circumstances that apply to your case.  For example, no record of any criminal activity is a mitigator.  But a long record of convictions would be an aggravator.  There are many other factors that come into play with sentencing, and it is important to have a lawyer to make the best argument on your behalf.  It could mean the difference between not only a longer or shorter sentence but whether you serve it in jail or prison, or if you get more of it suspended on probation.  Additionally, you may qualify for alternate placement outside jail, like home detention or work release as well.


LevelSentence Range (Min – Max)Advisory SentencePotential Fine
Murder45 years – Death55 years$0 – $10,000
Level 1 Felony20 years – 40 years30 years$0 – $10,000
Level 2 Felony10 years – 30 years17.5 years$0 – $10,000
Level 3 Felony3 years – 16 years9 years$0 – $10,000
Level 4 Felony2 years – 12 years6 years$0 – $10,000
Level 5 Felony1 year – 6 years3 years$0 – $10,000
Level 6 Felony6 months – 2.5 years1 year$0 – $10,000
ClassSentence Range (Min – Max)Potential Fine
Class A Misdemeanor0 days – 1 yearn/a$0 – $5,000
Class B Misdemeanor0 days – 180 daysn/a$0 – $1,000
Class C Misdemeanor0 days – 60 daysn/a$0 – $500

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