Law Office of Travis McConnell

Our firm operates under a code of conduct set by the Rules of Professional Conduct and our oath as attorneys. Our key values include the following:


You don’t want a dishonest lawyer—a lawyer who will cheat, steal, or lie on your behalf. If you do, then you must think that you are wrong. The truth of the matter is that no matter how dismal your situation may appear, you do not need nor should you seek a dishonest lawyer.

Unyielding honesty is not easy, but it is often what you need. You need a lawyer who will explain the terrible situation that you might be confronted with. You don’t want a lawyer who downplays or sugar coats your situation. Although that may feel better and may initially agree with you more, if you don’t address the real situation then you will be caught off guard and not able to properly deal with the problem.

We believe we are counselors of the law. We believe we can assist you in finding other appropriate professionals. Doctors, psychologists, drug counselors, engineers, accountants, and other lawyers when needed.

Advocacy and Responsibility

A lawyer is above all an advocate—a voice for their client. Advocacy is defined as support for a particular position.

Lawyers have to step into the shoes of their clients and chart a course for the success of their client. We take this responsibility seriously and fight zealously on behalf of our clients. Our office slogan and logo go hand in hand with this concept, a champion from the Middle Ages was a fighter selected by their lord to fight on their behalf. By placing ourselves in the position of our client’s champion, we recognize the importance of who we are serving.

Beyond advocating for our client’s we believe that lawyers can and should serve the greater good and protect the people from the powerful. Our legal system and the rule of law can be a great equalizer. In our society, all must answer to the rule of law, including government officials, corporate entities, and the rich and poor alike.

By taking cases on a contingency basis, we help our client’s level the playing field.

This vision for the greater good and protecting the people against the powerful was best stated by fellow lawyer, Theodore I. Koskoff (1913-1938).

  • If you are a lawyer, what are you?
  • If you are a lawyer, you stand between the abuse of governmental power and the individual.
  • If you are a lawyer, you stand between the abuse of corporate power and the individual.
  • If you are a lawyer, you stand between the abuse of judicial power and the individual.
  • If you are a lawyer, you are the hair shirt to the smugness and complacency of society, and
  • If you are a lawyer, you are helping to mold the rights of individuals for generations to come.


Although compassion may seem to be counter to the above stated missions and may seem out of place when considering a law firm, a good deal of our role is helping clients through often quite difficult and emotional situations. Having a good measure of compassion is vital to assisting our clients deal with these situations. We provide our cell phones to our clients to make sure to be as reachable as reasonably possible. While we consider our office a skilled team of experts, we are also just regular folks with law degrees and other expertise. While we cannot truly experience from a personal standpoint much of what our clients have to suffer, we seek to provide our insight when able and a shoulder to cry upon or ear willing to listen when the same is needed.

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