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An accident case arises when you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Negligence is the legal concept that someone either did something they should not have or that they failed to do something they should have, and as a result you were injured. Our legal system provides a system of recovery to right that wrong for the injured party and hold the wrongdoer accountable for their action or inaction. Tort law provides for the recovery of the damages you sustained, such as your medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of ability to earn a living if you can’t return to the same line of work, and an amount for your pain and loss of ability to enjoy a normal life. If you have been injured in an accident, call your accident lawyer, Traivs McConnell to protect your rights.

Warsaw Accident Lawyer - Photo of a wrecked car.What can I expect to recover?

The damages in a personal injury case are intended to “make the plaintiff whole” after an injury. This means to restore you to your pre-injury condition, as if it never occurred. Unfortunately, it is not possible to actually make the plaintiff whole, and it is difficult to put a dollar figure on things like pain and suffering and other quality of life damages, but the goal is to best put the injured person back into the position he or she would have been in if the injury had never occurred.

Over the years there has been a large push back against personal injury claims led mainly by the insurance industry. Many times accident lawyers are seen as “ambulance chasers.” At our office we are not chasers, we are fighters. We fight the defense industry that denies, delays, and downplays your injuries. Lawsuits help to not only bring a measure of justice to our clients, but they also help to provide a deterrent to wrongdoers, leading to safety improvements. Many of the safety devices and features in place that are viewed as common place are the direct result of a prior lawsuit. If wrongdoers are not held accountable, then many, if not most, would choose to shortcut safety to make more money putting the public at increased risk.

I strongly believe in our judicial system. Being a lawyer gives me the opportunity and privilege to help my clients navigate a difficult part of their lives.

What if the insurance company is taking care of me?

When you get into an accident you eventually have to deal with the opposition (called the “defense”), which in the case of an accident is the insurance company, their attorneys, their investigators, their surveillance companies, and their “hired gun” doctors and other professionals. All of these people’s job is to make money by minimizing the damage you have suffered (medical costs, loss of wages, the loss of independence or the ability to perform activities). The defense is not on your side, even if they are your own insurance company which you have paid premiums to for years. They will still seek to minimize the cost to the insurance company. Fortunately the legal system provides you with the opportunity to have an advocate. You don’t have to go it alone.

Our firm is well established, known, and respected by insurance companies, defense lawyers, and court officials. Through skill, hard work, and an unparalleled commitment to our clients we have had great success for our clients over the years. Our team has successfully represented injured people in a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence please contact an accident lawyer at our office about a free consultation.

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