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Welcome to the Law Office of Travis J. McConnell. My office is here to help you and your family through your legal situation.

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At any moment in Florida, millions of people are driving, boating, vacationing, shopping, and working. In our crowded world, unfortunately, accidents have become a common part of life.

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Call me to schedule a free consultation about your personal injury. 24 hr. Phone Promise: I return calls to my cell phone within 24 hours of receiving a voicemail.

Personal Injury Attorney in St. Petersburg, FL

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When you're injured, there are all kinds of things going through your mind, including when you're going to get back to work and what is going to happen in the meantime. The Law Office of Travis J. McConnell is eager to help protect their clients every step of the way, whether in St. Petersburg, FL, or a surrounding area.

Who Should You Hire as Your Personal Injury Attorney?

The answer is clear. With a 24 hour return call promise, Travis makes certain that he is available for you throughout the entire legal process and beyond. Anyone who has been injured should look to The Law Office of Travis J. McConnell for assistance with their personal injury case for even more obvious reasons. He handles cases in a wide variety of personal injury arenas, including everything from animal bites to workers' compensation matters. In St. Petersburg, FL, our law office is the go-to resource for any and all personal injury matters. If you have been injured on the job, in a car accident, or some other way which would entitle you to compensation, call the personal injury attorney who cares. Call today!

Why Do You Need An Personal Attorney? Can't you Represent Yourself?

If you've been injured, getting a personal injury attorney is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your assets. Insurance companies know that they can offer settlements that are well below what is deserved, because most people do not seek competent representation. You need a personal injury attorney with the experience and expertise to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

When Should You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

You are already behind. As soon as you have been injured, you should call The Law Office of Travis J. McConnell. He is able to focus his attention on each client individually and can work quickly to make sure that the proper paperwork is submitted in order to keep the process moving along.

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If you're injured in St. Petersburg, FL, or a surrounding area, and need experienced legal representation, call today. His professionalism is apparent in every case and recognized by every client he works with, boastfully earning the title, "The Client's Champion". His attentiveness to his clients is exceptional, so don't hesitate to call him at his office at (727) 323-4759. If you can't reach him there, try his cell phone at (727) 793-7619.

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