It is important to call an attorney as soon as possible with every accident, the legal timeline begins with the accident and there are many time limits that must be considered. Waiting too long can be detrimental to your case, and it is possible to miss your window of opportunity to file a case. Call us for a free consultation as soon as you are able.


We became attorneys because we want to help people. We treat each client as a person not a file. Your case will be handled in a professional manner by the attorney themselves, not by a paralegal, and you will be able to speak with your attorney directly. Most of our attorneys and our staff are fluent in both English & Spanish, and will speak with you in whichever language you are more comfortable with.

Don’t Trust Your Future with any Immigration Attorney


Our law offices will work with all clients that need immigration representation. You will have representation through every level of the court system in cases involving:

We have staff, including immigration attorneys that specialize in communicating the court procedures, and specifics of any case, directly with the client and his/her family.
In-House Interpreters Available:, Se Habla Espanol
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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and a special thank you to my Momc for always being my rock. You are the best mom anyone could ever hope for, always the most loving and still a firm ... Law Office of Travis J. McConnell PLLC
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Happy Kids Day at Science Central.

Feliz dia de los niños en Science Central.
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Video: New Technology Catches Drivers Who Don't Stop for School Buses
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Please be sure to stop for school buses. Too many close calls are happening around the country. Thousands of people refuse to stop. And the excuse, "I didn't have time, the sign just came out." The law ...
Comments Sheri Christner Krichbaum Thanks for sharing this.Pat Tosch Happens to me several times every day...is our personal time truly more precious than a child? 🚌👍 Law Office of Travis J. McConnell PLLC
Indiana folks, if you find you must travel during the winter storm, go slow and stay safe! Many accidents have been reported already today. We are always here for you if you need us, but recommend staying at home if ... Comments John Stuckman hope it wasn't a fuel problem ! hahaKathy Martinez Hunsberger 😊 Law Office of Travis J. McConnell PLLC
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Construction workplaces are one of the most dangerous places, both for those who work there and those who might be passing by.1 The law has taken special precaution to place requirements for safety to try and protect individuals.2 Unfortunately, as ... Law Office of Travis J. McConnell PLLC
Man accused of throwing gator through drive-thru window
Is the American Alligator a deadly weapon! Another “a-man-in-Florida” story that deserves attention given the felony sanctions of up to five years in the slammer, even though being Florida, you may cultivate a deep tan. Missing here is whether there ... Comments Marcy Groulik The report I heard in my radio this morning involved him throwing the alligator through the drive thru window while ...Vanessa Ann Vreeland 15 years is pretty harsh and I do agree it's not deadly force but. Let's SAY no one was in ...John Higby Hang in there young man we are Florida and Gators are delicious.. Next time wip!! One of those or two, ... Law Office of Travis J. McConnell PLLC
Premises Liability – slip, trip, fall, or otherwise

Falls are not something to be taken lightly or to feel bad about. Many times people will try and make you feel like it was your fault or that you were clumsy. ...
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A few facts about immigration to put things in perspective.

Un poco de perspectiva sobre inmigrantes.

We have always been a country of immigrants that belittles the newcomers. Let's work to end that trend. Immigrants are an easy scapegoat, but ...
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